Winter Plum Tutorial
Tutorial Written on 12/21/2015 and any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Please do not claim it as your own.
All Rights retained to tutorial © Marie's Designs

This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of PSP.
PSP X3 was used in the making of this tutorial but other versions should work.
What we are making

This is a PTU Tutorial
Artist: Lysisange Tube: Antonina
Both are available at Tiny Turtle Designs
Kit available Here Tube available Here

Supplies Needed
Scrap Kit Winter Plum by TTDAvailable here
Tube: Antonia by LysisangeAvailable Here
Xero PorcelainAvailable here
Eye Candy 5 ImpactGradient Glow
Mask 145 by WSLAvailable here
Font: KikeletAvailable here

Okay now that you have all gthe supplies needed lets get started. Note: If you don't have the tube or kit you can use what you have.
Settings: Drop Shadow (D/S) 5, -4, 50, 6.93 add to elements     Copy Paste = C/P

Step 1
  • Open new image size 700 x 700 (Can be resized layer) Flood fill with white
  • New Layer C/P element 67 No Need to resize (No D/S on this layer)
  • New Layer select all C/P paper 18 into selection > deselect
  • Apply mask WSL 145 Merge group.
  • Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance, repeat
  • New layer > Select All . C/P Paper 11 into selection > Deselect
  • Apply same mask; merge group resize 98%
  • Merge down
  • Rotate 90 degrees All layers unchecked
Step 2
  • C/P Tube Antonia Layer 1 (purple) or whichever tube you are using. If you are using a different tube settings may beed to be adjusted
  • Resize 38% move slightly over to the right. A part of the tube will extend over the bottom of the mask layer.
  • Layer Link 1
  • Duplicate tube layer
  • On bottom tube layer apply Xero Porcelain Default except change Blue to 0
  • Top Tube layer apply Guassian Blur radius 3
  • Change blend mode to soft light
Step 3 Now we add some elements
  • Open element 62 C/P resize 50% Move to lower right
  • Open Element 72 C/P Resize 50% move to lower left size
  • Open element 16 C/P resize by 50% twice. Place under element 62 and move up to the right a bit.
  • Open element 25 C/P resize by 50% twice place on left size under element 72
  • Open element 58 C/P resize by 50% twice. Place in front of candle left side
  • Open element 44 C/P resize 48% move to upper right of canvas below tube layer.
  • Element 44 again resize by 50%, then by 70% Link 2. Place on upper left side of canvas, still below tube layer. Duplicate. Apply D/S to the lower bell element only
  • Open element 22 bring to top resize by 75% place so that stars are across bottom and up left side of tube.
  • Now with your duplicated layer of element 44 bring to top. Erase parts of the bells that are across tubes face and torso.

For my name I used the Kikelet Font size 60 color: top: #731AA8 bottom: E5C6F2 gradient setting Radial Angle 349 Repeat 10.

Once you have your name where you like it apply Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow with these Settings:
Inside Glow; 5 5 100 0 100 100 Colors: E5C6F2 FFFFFF 731AA8
Adjust Sharpen Unsharp mask 3 30 3 Apply D/S 2 2 95 1.98
Resize if you like. After resizing add your license number and artist copyright to tag. Either delete or close the bottom white layer.
Export PNG Optimizer.

    I got these settings from a tutorial written by Designs by Vaybs. This is her setting which I use all the time, it really makes your text pop.
        Her original setting are in black and white but it is easy to use your own color combination. I would caution though that your top color be darker, as it does not look well with a lighter color as the top color. I tried to find the link to her original settings on her website but didn't.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and thank you for giving it a go, Marie