Tutorial: With Love, Rose

Tutorial Written on 01/10/2016 and any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Please do not claim it as your own. All Rights retained to tutorial © Marie's Designs

This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of PSP.
PSP X3 was used in the making of this tutorial but other versions should work.
What we are making


Selisan Al-Gaib Picture Tube Rose tiny Turtle Designs With Love Scrap Kit Preview

This is a PTU Tutorial: Scrap kit and Picture Tube are both available at TTD. Please make sure you have a license if you use this same tube. Scrap Kit is PTU called With Love by Tiny Turtle Designs. This is an awesome kit that will take you from valentines day into summer.
Tube is Rose by Selisan Al-Gaib. Tube has one layer.


Plug Ins and supplies
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP
I used PSP X3 in the making of this tutorial but should work fine in other versions of PSP.
Legends: C/P = copy Paste   D/S = Drop Shadow Settings Settings: -5 4 42 6.93 black (if different will be noted in tut)   E = Element Okay let's get started!
  • New Image 750 X750 (You can resize later if you want to)Select All
  • New layer Open Paper 6 Copy/paste into selection
  • Apply Mask Set 35 Mask 3 > Merge group
  • Apply Adjust > Sharpen > UnSharp Mask Settings: 3 30 3 to resized elements
  • C/P Element 34 as new layer
  • C/P Element 43 Duplicate
  • On original layer apply texture Effect Fur: Settings B-57 D-90 L-20 T-44
  • Continuing on original layer apply Funhouse > Streak Mirror > default settings (27 27)
  • On duplicate layer: resize by 98% > Merge Down
  • Open E 2 c/p as new layer > resize by 30% >Move to Left > Apply D/S
  • Duplicate > Mirror
  • C/P 119 Resize 30% move to left place on top of E 2 Apply D/S
  • C/p E 116 Resize by 30% move to right place on top of E 2 Apply D/S change to 5 -4
  • C/P E 90 Resize 30% duplicate place one of the ribbons on the left side at the top of the picture. Place other ribbon to left at bottom of picture. Apply D/S to both
  • C/P tube resize 58%
  • On frame level Select Magic Wand click inside of frame level, Invert Selection
  • On tube level erase lower part of the image
  • Deselect
  • E 78 C/P Move down on canvas below pink flowers
  • E 66 C/P resize by 50% move down on canvas place on left side (see tag for reference)
  • E-11 C/P (pink rose resize by 50% twice resize by 70%) duplicate free rotate L 50 D/S
  • E-12 C/P (red rose resize by 50% X 2 then resize by 72%) free rotate L 28 D/S
  • Move rotated pink rose to left of red rose, place other pink rose to right of red rose D/S
  • move red rose on top of the 2 pink roses move red rose down
  • merge down repeat until all 3 roses are on the same layer
  • Duplicate twice Place one layer of roses to left on top of E 116(Brooch) but under image E 90 (ribbon)
  • Place another set of the roses to right under E 119
  • C/P E 90 resize 30% place on top of last set of 3 roses on the red roses stem. D/S Merge Down
  • C/P E 1 resize 72% place to right under brooch, but over roses. D/S Duplicate Mirror
  • Close Mask Layer
  • Merge visible resize 98%
  • Open mask layer
  • If you want to resize your canvas, do it now
  • Place your copyright and license information
  • Apply your name I used Champage and Limosines size 72 color foreground: F8356B Background: #F7b0b1 Gradient Linear Angle 0 Repeat 0
  • I applied EC impact gradient glow to text
    With this setting:
  • D/S 0 -1 100 0 unsharp mask same settings
And we are done I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.