Masks for Spring

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Here are some masks I have made for your spring projects.

Spring Spring
Spring Spring

You can right click on the above image(s) and save them to your
mask folder. Or, you can download all the folder which
includes jpeg and png format of these masks
Download Here

Some of these masks were made using brushes downloaded
from Brusheezy.

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Tutorial: My Lucky Charm

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Tutorial written By Marie Ott (Maries Designs) on Feb 8, 2019.
Any resemblance or similarity to any other tutorial is coincidental. ¬ģ All rights to tutorial are mine.
You results are yours to do with as you will. Please do not copy my tutorial and claim it as your own.

This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of PSP.
I used PSP X7 to write this tutorial but it should work with other version(s) of PSP as well.

Legend: C/P = Copy/Paste E = Element R = Resize S/F/D= Select All, Float, Defloat
D/S = Drop Shadow Settings: 3 -5 48 7.92
Unless otherwise stated. 
After each layer of the template has been changed, close off the original shape.
This makes it easier to go back and correct any changes you want to make

Supplies need:

  • Scrap Kit Olde Lucky by Mizteeques Digital Designs Available Here
  • Template by me: St pat temp 1 (Lucky Charm) Download Here
  • Mask by me: MD-stpatmask2-2019 Available here or mask of choice
  • Tube: Lucky Day ¬©Alex Prihodko Available Here
  • Font of Choice: I used Gudlack which is a PTU Font

Outside Filters used:

  • Xero: Porcelain and Clarity
  • Carolaine and sensibility: CS-LDots
  • Eye Candy 6 Gradient Glow
  • Most filters are available Here


Tutorial Instructions:


What we are making:

Open St PaT Template 1 (Lucky Charm)
Control + D (Duplicate)
Close original delete copyright info

On template – Image – Canvas Size 700 X 700 Center

New raster layer above white bg layer
Copy Paper 1 – Select All paste into selection
Apply mask MD-stpatmask2-2019 or a mask of choice

Working from bottom of template up:
Activate bottom square – S/F/D c/p paper 15 invert delete deactivate
activate next layer (Lt green square) S/F/D C/p Paper 16 as new layer – invert – delete deactivate
activate green oval top (If you need to change the colors of the borders under this shape please do so now) C/P paper 8 R 68% invert – delete
Activate orange square layer: S/F/D C/P Paper 3 as new layer: R 75% Free Rotate 45 degrees right invert delete
make green oval 2 layer active S/F/D c/p paper 17 as new layer R 75% place so you can see Olde Lucky at the top invert delete
Activate lge green circle – S/F/D c/p paper 16 R 50% place so you can see some of the green sparkle at the top of the paper invert delete deactivate
activate sm green circle layer S/F/D C/p Paper 15 as new layer R 75%- invert – delete deactivate

C/P frame 3 R 75% place in center of top oval shape with magic wand tool (set feather to 2) select inside the clover expand by 2
C/P tube I resized the one I used by 50% (Yours may be different depending on the tube that you are using) place face beneath the frame layer invert delete set blend layer to screen
Duplicate – adjust blur guassian blur 4 on duplicated image blend mode to overlay
C/P tube R 50% place on the layer above the top oval shape – duplicate tube
on duplicated tube layer apply guassian blur with a setting of 4 change blend mode to soft-light or whichever looks best on your tube
On the original tube layer – Apply Xero – porcelain default setting except change blue to 0
Apply Xero clarity – default settings merge down apply d/s

Activate square 2 C/P tube place face of tube within square – promote selection to layer deselect.
decrease opacity to 70% merge down – apply GG
I used Eye Candy 6 with these settings:

Or you can download and install the setting.
Download EC6 GG setting here
Open zip file and click on setting. it will automatically install to EC 6

Activate the large circle repeat above – only mirror your tube and invert and delete this time
apply luminance (l) duplicate
change blend mode on duplicate to screen opacity to 50
merge the bottom tube first – then the duplicated tube. Add GG as above
(I added the gradient glow to the square and circle layers)

C/P E 13 R 60% place at bottom of center to the right – duplicate mirror move up a bit
C/P E 57 R 50% move to right side below the LUCKY wordart duplicate R 50% mirror
place above the end of the rainbow
C/P E 19 R 50% move behind the y of LUCKY and to the right a bit.
C/P E 16 R 50% place a little offset to the left of E 19
C/P E 8 R 50% place between two circles on the left side
Duplicate place below tube layer – behind and a little above word art
C/P E 39 R 25% move to right side behind the tube so some of the flower is visible
Duplicate Mirror move layer up and place behind the rainbow
C/P E 42 R 25% place in above the LUCKY Word art but below the Charm Layer
C/P E 50 R 20% move to lower left at end of the rainbow
place the horseshoe that is part of the template behind this horseshoe (E 50)

If you are using the wordart that came with the template this is what I did:
On the top lucky layer Apply Carolaine and Sensibilty CS-LDots default setting
Inner Bevel: Settings:
I added the same GG as above to the [lucky] glitter layer
close white background and mask layer – Layers Merge Visible
Resize 95% open mask layer and you are done
Resize the tag now if you want it smaller
Add your copyright info
Add your name and save as png
Thank you for trying my tutorial, Marie

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St. Patrick’s Day Templates

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It has been a while since I have added anything new.

I actually had some Christmas templates to post but it is a little late for that now. I have made these templates for use with
your St. Patrick’s Day project. Of course, you can remove the word art and use the template(s) for other project.
And, as always please do not claim as your own, do not hot-link. If you would like to use my templates in a group or forum challenge please refer them to my website for download

Thank you, Marie

Download Here

Download Here

Download Here

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FTU Tutorial – Circles and Squares

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FTU Tutorial: Circles and Squares

This tutorial assumes a working knowledge of PSP. This tutorial was written using PSP X7, but should work
in any version. This tutorial was written by Marie Ott on 6th September 2018 for the mystery tutorial
at The Taggers Inn.
Any similarity to other works is unintentional and purely coincidental
I used PSP X7 to write this tutorial but it should work with other versions of PSP as well. I try to write my tutorials as plain and clear as possible, but if I get you confused (and, if I do, I am sorry) you can always refer back to the image we are making for reference. Also, this is just a guideline (I write where I place the elements ) but feel free to move them around, or add different elements. Have fun and experiment, it is the best way to learn new things.


Screen shot 4 circle and square tut

Supplies needed:
Tube of choice (with a close up, preferably) I used one by Very Many Store Here
Filter: Funhouse – Mirror Moire Available Here
Font: DesignerPlus Available Here (If you want to make your own)
If not Download the decorations Here


Choose two darker colors from your tube I chose #210a2c and #47134d
Set foreground to your dark color background to lighter color
Set background to gradient #2 foreground/background
Settings: Radial Angle: 27 R: 10 Center Point H 54 V10

New image: 700 X 700 Flood fill white
new layer – flood fill with gradient
Adjust blur Guassian Blur 10
Apply funhouse filter:  Mirror Moire default settings
Adjust Рsharpen:  sharpen repeat

C/P close up tube – move to far left
Blend mode: Soft Light Opacity 80%
Duplicate R 80% move to lower right of canvas
Blend mode:  Screen Opacity 50%
Close white bg merge visible

Selection tool set at circle add (shift) anti-alias checked feather 0
V- 350 H – 350 (or as close as you can get it)
Holding shift key down Start at center of canvas
draw out a large circle On the image layer. Refer to screen shot if needed
Screen shot 1 circle and square tut Screen shot 2 circle and square tut
Promote selection to layer Do not deselect
Resize 98% – all layers unchecked –

New layer – Flood fill with #ffc677
Add noise: settings guassian monochrome 70
Select modify contract 5 flood fill with your dark color
close bottom 2 layers
you should only have your circle image and glitter layer open
merge visible
Resize 60%

Resize your original image 50% – the square image (All layers unchecked)
repeating above directions for the circles border
for the square border select all change expand to 6 and contract to 3.
merge down so the square image and border are on one layer

The square should be directly behind the circle image
duplicate twice
R both duplicated layers 75%
Effects: image effects offset settings horizontal 200  Vertical 0
repeat with other duplicated image changing horizontal to -200
merge down
Apply Drop shadow to all layers
I used 4 -4 42 9.9
You should now have this:
Screen shot 4 circle and square tut
If you downloaded the decorations –
Place the floral decoration at top of your circle image
Place one square at the corner edge of your circle – lining up
with square image on the lower right and left side
(I had to resize the square decoration 75%, as at the larger size it covered up the
tubes nose)
Screen shot 4 circle and square tut
If you want to make your own decorative images:
(You can use different letters to make different images)
This is what I used to make the decorations I used
Text Tool РSettings 80  pt  smooth vector kerning 0
activate font ding: DesignerPlus
colors: foreground #a96800   background #ffc677  gradient #2 gradient fore/background
settings linear angle 0 repeat 1
Choose the letter w convert to raster add noise same setting as before
IB setting: shape 2 width 18 smoothness 30 depth 15 ambience -2 shiniess 20 color: white
Angle 15 Intensity 50 elevation 50
Add drop shadow 2 2 80 2 color: your dark color
place at the bottom corner of your circle -it should be even with the corner of the square image –
mirror horizontal
Repeat with the letter 0 – do not add the IB
Mirror – vertical place at top of circle

[b][u]If you downloaded the decorations skip above steps [/u][/b]
Or leave them off all together your choice.

selection tool -create selection from:  merge opaque Рcrop to selection
Depending on your forums size rules or your own personal preference resize as needed.

Resize image all layers checked: width 650 px
Add your name. I used  Ramonila Script add a nice soft gradient glow
place at bottom of circle between the two ornaments we made with the ding text.
You can use the original size (should be 688px width if you want to)
add your copyright after you have resized
Save as PNG and you are finished
Thank you for trying my tutorial

Some other tags made using this tutorial;


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FTU Tutorial: Fab-Boo-Lous

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Fab boo lous tutorial

Tutorial: Fab-Boo-Lous

Fab boo lous tutorial

Tutorial written by Marie’s Designs Sept. 10, 2018 any similarity to any other tutorial is pure coincidence. Please do not offer my designs or tutorials on your website, blog, groups. etc. Instead, please, redirect to my blog for download. Thank you, Marie

This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of PSP. I used PSP X7 to write this tutorial but it should work with other versions of PSP as well. I try to write my tutorials as plain and clear as possible, but if I get you confused (and, if I do, I am sorry) you can always refer back to the image we are making for reference. Also, this is just a guideline (I write where I place the elements ) but feel free to move them around, or add different elements. Have fun and experiment, it is the best way to learn new things.

      Legend: C/P = Copy/Paste E = Element R = Resize S/F/D= Select All, Float, Defloat
D/S = Drop Shadow Settings: 4 -4 42 9.9 Unless otherwise stated.

FTU Tutorial Supplies used/needed:

Template Fab-boo-lous by me here
Mask by Mizteeque: Mask 216 Available Here 3rd mask down
Scrap kit Miz_HallowsEve is a Taggers Inn Forum exclusive, designed by Mizteeque’s Digital Designs
You can find more of her great scrap kits here.
Plug-In used: EC 6 – Gradient Glow

Now, let’s get started with the tutorial

  • Open Template Duplicate (Shift +D) Close original
    Delete copyright layer
  • Papers used: Open 25, 31, 22, 30, 23
  • Starting on Bottom Layer
    Click on background layer Select All New raster layer
    C/P pp 30 into selection Apply mask (I used Mizteeque 263) deselect
    merge group R: 110%
  • On bottom layer (the 3 stripes) Select All F/D
    C/P pp 25 as new layer R 75% invert delete Move below the original stripes layer
    On the original stripe layer – change blend mode to Luminance (l) Opacity: 65%
    Merge Down Sharpen: Sharpen
  • Working on Orange square 2 Select All F/D new layer C/P pp 23 into selection
    Apply Gradient Glow Tiny Double
    Colors: #d5fa57, FFFFFF, #6e29bc
    Apply IB Settings: Shape 2, W: 10 Smoothness: 25 Depth: 8 Ambience : -20 Shiniess: 35 Color: #eeecec Angle 315 Intensity: 35 Elevtion: 60
    Repeat with the other Orange square
  • IB Screenshot:
    Inner Bevel Settings
    Eye Candy 6 gradient glow settings
    Eye Candy 6 GG Setting

  • On large green circle Select all F/D C/P Pp31 as new layer R 75% move it about a bit so some of the purple color shows Invert Delete Deselect
  • on the border layer for the olive square: Add noise setting: monochrome guassian 70
  • On olive square layer Select All F/D C/P pp 22 as new layer – Promote selection to layer deselect add Gradient glow as before changing the last color to: #f88b26
    now merge border layer down
  • Repeat noise for border 2 – do not merge down, tho, until after adding your paper
  • On Olive square 2 Select All F/D select pp22 move above this layer R 75%
    move paper around a bit until you like the image Selction – Invert – Delete Deselect
  • Select red square layer Select all F/D C/P pp 30 resize 75% promote selection to layer
  • Layer red square 2 Select All F/D – move paper layer above this layer. Invert selection – clear deselect
  • Add gradient glow to both squares as before changing the last color to: #34064c

Now to add some elements:

  • C/P E 64 R 62% place at bottom of canvas under the gold stars layer
  • C/P E 53 R 85% Move above the large circle layer – change blend mode to overlay – duplicate
  • on top layer C/P E 38 R 50% Move to left of open book
  • C/P E 31 R 68% Move behind open book layer
  • C/P E 30 R 50% Place to right behind skulls and up a bit so it is behind the Lous of the word art
  • Duplicate R 70% place to left of cat atop the books
  • C/P E 16 as new layer resize 50% move to left under the bat layer of the word art
  • On the word art layer the bats and witches hat as well as the black part of the wordart
  • I added the same inner bevel as above.

And This tutorial is done.

If you would like to add a tube make sure you use the correct copyright and license number if needed
One I made with a tube added:


Tube Owl by VeryMany available here

Now if you add a tube this is what I did with the one I used
I removed the top 2 squares (the red ones originally)
– I used a tube from Very Many: Owl
R 50% and moved above the second layer of squares.
Duplicated added guassian blur at 3, changed blend mode to soft light at 75% opacity
And Drop Shadow at 4 – 4 48 9.9

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Scrap used is KISS14 Created by Dee's Sign Depot

She has fantastic scrap kits and offers original blog designs.
Page made by ¬©Marie Ott ‚ÄĘ All rights' reserved 2018