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Welcome to my blog

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  This is my first blog.  I have made websites and hand-coded them. This blog is a whole other ballgame. I can tell it is going to take me some time to get things the way I want them. I hope to be able to post my old tutorials here (which are old school) and start to write new tuts. My old school tuts can be found here. Please do not use any of the images that come with the downloads. I am working on making them copyright compliant, since they were written many years ago. Thank you for understanding.  Although I am not a designer of scrap kits, that is something I hope to be able to do. I am a proud member of Taggers Inn it is a wonderful forum. I highly recommend it for anyone who is a tagger, or not. I am also a member of  Creative Misfits, another great forum for you to check out. Ok that is all for now. I am going to do some exploring and learn by trial and error how to get this blog up and running.

                                                                                Gentle  Huggzz All, Marie

Scrap used is KISS14 Created by Dee's Sign Depot

She has fantastic scrap kits and offers original blog designs.
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