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FTU Tutorial Daydreamer

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FTU Tutorial: Daydreamer

This tutorial was written by me (Marie’s Designs) on June 10, 2016 and is my own creation. I ®reserve all rights to tutorial. Please do not claim as your own. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. I used PSP X 3 to write this tutorial but it should work fine in other versions. This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP


C/P Copy Paste / ~ D/S Drop Shadow default setting: 3 -3 58 7.92 / bg: background/ S/F/D: Select All, Float, Defloat / E or el: Element / R: Resize / Unsharp mask Settings: 3 30 3 (Use after resizing if the image looks grainy or blurry

I try to write my tutorials as plain and clear as possible, but if I get you confused (and, if I do, I am sorry) you can always refer back to the image we are making for reference. Also, this is just a guideline (I write where I place the elements ) but, feel free to move them around, or add different elements. Have fun and experiment, it is the best way to learn new things.

I used a tube by ©Lisa Victoria. This tube is available at Digital Art Heaven. You must have a license and purchased this tube to use it. This tutorial works best with a tube with a background image. There are no scraps used on this tutorial.

Supplies Needed Fonts
Xero: Fritillary Rapture Heavenly
EC 5 Impact Splendid Ornamentry
Ulead particle Rocket 2 Shadow
Super Blade Pro SNTwist03

I could not find this preset, so if you do not already have it here is an image you can use
Just right click and save as

Okay Let’s get started

This is the animated image

  • New 600 x 250 Select All
  • C/P bottom Image into selection
  • Apply Texture – Fur with these settings : Blur: 69 Desity 0 Length 13 Transparency 23
  • Now apply filter Xero: Fritillary at default settings
  • Choose 2 colors from your image. I used #62151a (red) and #2e387b (Blue)
    If you want to add the animation for a day into night look these hues are the best to use
  • Selection Tool – Custom Selection: L 0 Top 125 R 600 Bottom 250
  • New layer FF red Invert selection FF blue
  • keep Selected Ulead particle : Clouds hit random select until you find a setting you like
  • Select none
  • Apply Fritillary same settings
  • C/P tube R 68% move to left – mirror change blend mode to screen opacity 62%
  • Duplicate Move to right edge of tag
  • New Layer
  • Selection Tool custom selection L: 0 R: 600 Top: 90 Left: 160 Select a complimentary color from your image. I chose #58164b Flood Fill Deselect
  • Apply Fritillary Same settings
  • D/S -3 3 70 5.94 black then change V to 3 and H to -3
  • New layer choose a darker color from your image I chose #0b0e43 (A darker Blue)
  • Selection Tool Settings L: 0 R: 600 Top: 100 Bottom: 148
  • Deselect
  • D/s 1 -1 100 white Change V to -1 and H to 1 now add the same D/s as above
  • Merge Down
  • Choose a lighter color from your image. I used #e2949f
  • New layer
  • Selection tool: custom selection L -0 R – 600 top – 110 bottom -140 Flood fill with lighter color
  • Apply Fritillary filter apply d/s
  • Merge Down
  • Add text I’m a Daydreamer ( Font: Rapture Heavenly sz 36 ) black
  • Text: and a Night thinker ( Font: Splendid Ornamentry sz 36 ) black
  • Apply EC 5 Impact subtle white glow – (change radius to 5) to both lines of text. Change blend mode to Luminance (l) opacity at 85%
  • New layer select all Flood fill white contract 4 delete – Apply SBP SNTwist03
  • New layer – select All Fllod fill black contract 1 delete – contract 3 Flood fill black contract 1 delete.
  • Add copyright and locense info.
  • Add name and you are done. (unless you want to animate – then leave your name off)
  • Open animation shop
  • Find raster 2 (this should be the layer that is two different colors)
  • On image in psp change blend mode to Burn
  • Copy merged In AS paste as new animation
  • Back in psp change blend mode to hard light copy merged
  • In animation shop paste after current frame
  • Continue changing blend mode in this in this order
    1. soft light
    2. overlay
    3. Screen
  • There should be 5 frames
  • In AS select all
  • Animation – Frame properties change to 50
  • Save as a MNG file
  • Optimization Wizard: Settings – Better image quality slider at the top
  • Click on Customize Settings: Number of color – 255 colors; create palette by – optimized Octree: Reduce colors by – Error Diffusion Ok
  • Next Next
  • Add name(s) to animation
  • I used font Rocket 2 Shadow for my name
  • Save as (name) gif file and you are done


  • New image 150 X 250
  • On banner close the frame layers, copyright info, and background stripe
  • Copy Merged
  • Back on new image paste as new layer
  • Move image around until you have a nice image for your avatar.
  • Merge All
  • Add border same as we did on the banner
  • Add your copyright and license info and name
  • Save as jpg or png as per your preference

All done. Hope you liked this tutorial and maybe learned something new along the way.

Scrap used is KISS14 Created by Dee's Sign Depot

She has fantastic scrap kits and offers original blog designs.
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