PTU Tutorial American Steam

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PTU Tutorial American Steam

Ct Tutorial for Digi Divas

Digicats (& Dogs) is designer of the month at Digi Divas this month (June 2016) . All kits are on sale for only $ 0.99
Scrap kit: American Steam by Digicats (& Dogs). This is a great kit full of patriotic and steampunk elements.

Scrap Kit Available Here

This digital taggers kit is composed of 20 papers and 100 elements, including two posers by @Elisa Designs. There are 10 frames and 20 papers.
American Steam pays tribute to the American Spirit of ingenuity and integrity and captures all the promise, youth, and energy of the Steampunk movement in America.


C/P Copy Paste / ~ D/S Drop Shadow default setting: 3 -3 58 7.92 / bg: background/ S/F/D: Select All, Float, Defloat / E or el: Element / R: Resize / Unsharp mask Settings: 3 30 3 (Use after resizing if the image looks grainy or blurry

I try to write my tutorials as plain and clear as possible, but if I get you confused (and, if I do, I am sorry) you can always refer back to the image we are making for reference. Also, this is just a guideline (I write where I place the elements ) but, feel free to move them around, or add different elements. Have fun and experiment, it is the best way to learn new things.

This tutorial was written by Marie’s Designs on June 15, 2016. This tutorial is my own idea, any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. You can share my tutorials in forums, groups, etc. by linking back to my blog.
                                                Thank you for trying my tutorial, Marie

Tutorial Instructions

Filters Used – VRT2   Available here
  Xero: Porcelain   Available here

Masks by Dee’s Sign Depot
DD_Patriotic Mask 4 Available here
Dee’s mask: DD_NGM1_2015_1 here.

Font used: Brushylicious This is a PTU font that is free this week at Font Bundles.
Font Available Here
I used a tube by ©Zlata_M: Araminta.
You must have a license and purchase this tube in order to use it in this tutorial.

  • New image 700 X 700 FF white
  • New Layer Select All
  • C/P pp 01 – crop to selection
  • Load Mask: DD_NGM1_2015_1 Merge Group
  • Select All C/P pp 07 crop to selection
  • Load mask DD_Patriotic Mask 43 Merge Group
  • C/P frame 07 as new layer
  • C/P Frame 06 select area outside of frame invert contract 20
  • C/P pp 04 as new layer R 80% – move this layer down below frame
  • Invert Clear keep selected invert again
  • C/P tube (if using the one I am R 85%) duplicate
  • On tube layer change blend mode to overlay
  • On duplicated layer apply adjust – blur – guassian blur settings: 3.00
  • Apply xero – porcelain default settings changing blue to 0 change blend mode to softlight
  • C/P Blue Swirl anchor 1 – Mirror R 80% move below the tube layers – duplicate
  • Move duplicated swirl above frame – with eraser tool erase parts of swirl to make it look like it is weaved through frame
  • Close mask layers and white bg – merge visible
  • R frame layer 80% Move to upper left of canvas
  • C/P Flower 05 R 42% place at top left of frame – merge down
  • Open closed layers
  • Merge mask layers Apply VTR2 default settings
  • Effects – edge effect – enhance
  • C/P firework 01 R 50% move to upper rt under frame
  • Back on top layer
  • C/P Rockets R 50% move to left
  • C/P Flower 03 R 50% x 2 move to left
  • C/P rocket02 R 80% move to right
  • C/P tube R 75% move to right
  • C/P Eagle place in center of canvas move below tube layer
  • C/P American Spirit word art (If you aren’t an American there is a Steampunk WA also)
  • Move to bottom apply xero – porcelain filter same settings as earlier
  • add a soft white gradient glow (to wordart)
  • C/P musical notes place atop Spirit
  • C/P Gold Star R 40% duplicate R one star another 40% and the other one 58% – duplicate this one
  • Place on either side of word art
  • Close WA layer, wired heart frame and masks
  • Close gold star on right side above word art
  • Merge Visible R 92% Close the merged layer
  • Open up layers below frame – merge visible R 95%
  • Open Wordart and music notes
  • Resize entire canvas now if you want to (I resize to 650 X 650 )
  • Add your copyright info after you have resized
  • Add your name – save as pspimage
  • File – export – PNG optimizer Save

                       Finished. Thank you for trying my tutorial.

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She has fantastic scrap kits and offers original blog designs.
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