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New Tutorial: Believe in Love

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New CT Tutorial for Moonshine Dezinez

Scrap Kit Believe In Love is a DAH Exclusive. Kit is a match for ©Tatjana Willms tube of the same name. This is a great kit for most all tags. This kit is perfect for any ooutdoor/gypsy/pagan tag. There are 45 PNG elements, 10 papers and 3 frames. Tube is not included, but can be purchased at Digital Art heaven.

Scrap Kit is Available Here.
Tube – ©Tatjana Willms Here.
This tutorial was written by me on July 23, 2016 and is purely my own idea.
Any similarity to any other tutorial is coincidental.

Supplies / Filters needed
Xero – porcelain
Available here
Font used ~ Black heat
Available here
Mask MD-maskset7-3
Right click image and save as

Tutorial – Believe in Love – Instructions

  • New image 700 X 700 FF white
  • Select all c/p pp 06 as new layer crop to selection
  • Load mask MD-set7-3 merge group
  • C/P E 04 move to top left duplicate mirror
  • C/P Frame 02 name this layer Frame 1 -anchor 1 – R65%
  • with magic wand select inside frame selection – modify – expand 10
  • C/P pp 01 as new layer (rename paper layer) R 65% move paper so the top of the wreath and bird are showing – selection invert clear Anchor paper 1
  • C/P tube (3) move above frame layer Anchor 1
  • Duplicate frame layer (rename this frame 2) move above the tube layer
  • Erase area around top of frame layer 2 so that the tubes’ facial features and hair are visible
  • On tube layer erase parts that are showing outside the bottom of the frame
  • merge frame 1, tube, frame 2, paper bg so all on one layer R 95%
  • Duplicate Apply Guassian Blur setting 5
  • Filter zero – porcelain default settings – change blend mode to soft light – merge down
  • C/P E 21 move to top of frame move under frame layer mirror
  • C/P el 36 R 50% X 2 Free Rotate R 42.78 All layers unchecked move to top left drag under frame layer Adjust Sharpen Unsharp Mask 3 30 3
  • C/P E 15 R 50% X 2 place above other card sharpen – unsharp mask same settings
  • C/P E34 R 48% X 2 place at top left of frame right above tubes shoulder
  • C/P E 13 R 65% place to rt of frame duplicate mirror on mirrored image – duplicate – Free Rotate all layers unchecked 18 Degrees L move over a little to left so the bottom stems overlap. Repeat on original image only change Direction to Right
  • / C P E 14 R 48% place at bottom left of frame
  • C/P E41 R 50% X 2 move to right – duplicate – mirror
  • C/P E 38 R 50% move to right Duplicate mirror
  • C/P E 20 R 48% X 2 lower right
  • C/P E 18 R 48% X 2 move to lower right
  • C/P E 8 R 50% X 2 duplicate place one behind and to side of each bottle
  • C/P E 5 R 50% then 75% move toward bottom to center
  • Resize tag now if you want it smaller
  • close mask and white bg layer merge visible resize 98% re-open mask layer
  • Add your copyright and license info to tag – save as pspimage
  • Add your name –white bg layer should be closed if it isn’t close it before saving as png image
  • Export PNG Optimizer – save as png

Scrap used is KISS14 Created by Dee's Sign Depot

She has fantastic scrap kits and offers original blog designs.
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