Ct For Moonshine Dezinez kit – Dark Queen

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CT for Moonshine Dezinez PTU Tut Dark Queen

New PTU Tutorial for Moonshine Dezinez. This wonderfully dark kit was made to match Dark Queen ©Vadis. This tube is not a part of the scrap kit. and can be purchased seperately at Pics For Designs.
      This kit has 60 Elements , 10 papers, and 3 frames. Color scheme is red, black, grey and white.

Moonshine Dezinez Sells at these stores:
Moonshine Dezinez Scrap Store
Digital Art Heaven
Smiley’s Creations
Hania’s Designs Store
Pics For Designs (PFD)


C/P = Copy Paste / D/S = Drop Shadow default settings: 3 -3 58 7.92
bg: background, / S/F/D: Select All, Float, Defloat / E or el: Element
R: Resize / Unsharp mask Settings: 3 30 3 (Use after resizing if the image looks grainy or blurry)

I try to write my tutorials as plain and clear as possible, but if I get you confused (and, if I do, I am sorry) you can always refer back to the image we are making for reference. Also, this is just a guideline (I write where I place the elements ) but, feel free to move them around, or add different elements. Have fun and experiment, it is the best way to learn new things.

This tutorial was written by me on 09/17/2016 and is purely of my own making.
If there is any resemblance to any other tut it is purely coincidental. Please do not claim as your own.

Please refer to my TOU on the left sidebar.

Supplies needed for tutorial

Filter: Screen Works
Filter: Xero
Filters available Here
Font Elastic Available free at fontbundles this week only.

Texture – Level Share 00027 (The website is no longer available http://www.levelshare.com/)
So I am supplying the texture here. Click on for full size and right click to save as.
Please add to your textures folder in My PSP Files

Mask: MD-Halloween3 or mask of choice
Click on mask image then right click and save to your masks folder

Okay, Let’s get started

  • New Image 800 X 800 FF with White
  • Select All New layer C/P pp 7 Apply MD-Halloweenmask3 or a mask of choice Merge Group
  • On Mask Layer Apply Filter: Texture Effect LevelShare Texture 00027
  • C/P Frame 6 R 60% with magic wand select area inside frame expand 5
  • New layer drag under frame layer C/P pp 6 into selection – Deselect Toggle link Frame and PP6 layer.
  • C/P E25 R 68% X 2 Place inside of frame left side
  • C/P close up layer of tube R 75% X 2– if you are using a different tube or one without a close up resize accordingly
  • select paper layer under frame S/F/D invert on tube layer delete
  • C/P E 53 above tube layer R 80% Move almost but not all the way toward the top of the frame. Change blend mode to dodge.
  • Working above the frame layer: C/P E 38 R 68% Free Rotate Right 90 All layers unchecked Apply Sharpen – Unsharpen mask Settings: 3 30 3.00
  • Apply D/S 0, -1, 95, .99 color: #808080 Sharpness – Sharpen Duplicate Mirror center on frame edge
  • Close mask and white bg layer Merge Visible Duplicate twice. You should have 3 copies of your frame. Close Bottom frame layer for now
  • On one frame Geometric effects Horizontal Setting -27 on one frame and 27 on the other frame. Resize both frames 85%. Position frames as shown in screenshot
  • Open closed frame layer bring to top move to right center of canvas Rotating Mirror H 40 V 68 Rotation 175 Reflect (play around with the settings if you want to) R 75% X 2
  • Duplicate Apply Screenworks – pinhole default settings change blend mode to soft light merge down Apply xero – Porcelain Default settings changing blue to 0. Place top center of the other 2 frames (You may want to move these frames a little to get a look you like)
  • C/P E 36 R 85% X 2 move to left edge of right frame (positioning is important and changing it will effect the outcome) Refer to screen shot if necessary.
  • Effects – Reflection effect – rotating Mirror: Setting H 41 V 58 Rotation 175 Reflect. Resize 85% again. Apply unshrap mask add D/s of 3, -3, 75, 8.91 place over smaller middle frame
  • Merge 3 frame layers together R 90% Open mask layer
  • C/P E 6 R Duplicate on original layer R 75% place to center of frame apply D/S changing color to #680000 Effects – edge effects – enhance. On duplicated layer R 80% X 2 place on right frame image below mouth of tube Edge Effects – Enhance More
  • C/P E 22 R 50% X 2 place at top right
  • C/P E 60 R 45% move to bottom right Move book under layer of dripping blood
  • C/P E 2 R 50% move to right a little off center to book
  • C/P E 8 duplicate R 45% Free rotate – R 42.78 All layers unchecked X2 Apply unsharp mask move to bottom right, Duplicate bottle R 52% move to bottom right
  • C/P E 17 R 35% Duplicate on duplicated image Free Rotate L 42.78 All Layers Unchecked place at bottom left – On 2nd flower R another 78% place at right bottom
  • C/P E 28 R 45% Place at bottom center of canvas – partially over the bottom left of the 2nd framed image
  • C/P E 55 R 40% move to bottom left
  • C/P E 54 R 40% move to bottom left
  • C/P E 7 R 45% X 2 move to bottom left
  • C/P tube (if using the same one I am R 45%) Duplicate on duplicated layer Guassian blur 3 Apply Xero – porcelain same settings as before changing red to 25. Change R 3 blend mode to soft light – merge down
  • C/P E 12 R 40% place top left
  • C/P E 41 R 50% Place in front of tube center left
  • C/P E 3 R 60% X 2 place top right center
  • C/P E 10 R 50% place to top right duplicate mirror move mirrored image below the snake layer I added some sparkle at the bottom right and left also. At left atop frame layer and right above book layer
  • Resize canvas now if you want a smaller tag
  • Close off bg layer and mask layer Merge Visible R 98% Reopen Mask Layer Save as pspimage if you want to add names
  • Add your copyright and license info
  • Add name I used a PTU Font Elastic – Sz 72 Available free at fontbundles this week only. Color: #680000 Fore and background
  • Export PNG Optimizer Save

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