Making an Easter Egg

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This tutorial was written by me on 02/27/2018.
Any resemblance or similarity to any other tutorial is coincidental. ® All rights to tutorial are mine.
You results are yours to do with as you will. Please do not copy my tutorial and claim it as your own.

This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of PSP. I used PSP X7 to write this tutorial but it should work with other versions of PSP as well.
Legend: C/P = Copy/Paste E = Element R = Resize S/F/D= Select All, Float, Defloat D/S = Drop Shadow Settings: 5 -5 52 7.92 Unless otherwise stated.

Needed Supplies:

Oval Preset Shapes Available Here
Go down 5 rows and there are oval preset shapes (if you don’t already have this shape)
download file and extract to your PSP preset shapes folder.
Paint Brushes Easter Eggs here
Download them to your computer (remember where)

How to install your brushes
In PSP go to File – import – custom brushes.
Open the brush file you just downloaded – click on the ABR file – Add all. Now the brushes should be installed.
While you are here you can look around for free backgrounds, papers, etc you may want to use on your Easter Eggs.

Eye Candy 6 glass (If you don’t have ec6 you can use any of the EC plug ins You may just have to use a different glass setting)


    • New canvas 400 X 400 bg transparent
    • Find your Oval Preset shape (I used SK Ovals 5)
    • Close your foreground color Set your background as the pattern or gradient you want to use
    • With your preset tool Start drawing at X30 Y15 Draw out to x:272 y:326 (It doesn’t have to be exact.
    • Objects – Align – Center in canvas.
    • Convert layer to raster properties: link set 1
    • Select all – Float, Defloat. Apply gaussian blur setting 3 30
    • Create New layer name this layer glass properties: linkset 1
    • Open EC 6 Glass Use Clear -Use the preset No Drop Shadow setting that comes with the program. Make these changes in the settings:
    • Bevel Width: 36.96 Bevel Smoothness 25.87 round selection corners 45
    • Glass color: white refraction: 80 Inner Shadow opacity 50 shadow offset 50
  • Do not deselect – On your paper layer contract 3 invert clear
  • Create a new layer above your glass layer.
  • Open up your foreground color choose a nice gold colored gradient or pattern
  • Open paint brush – find your egg brushes change brush size to 360 choose which pattern you like and apply to your canvas
  • – once you the pattern you like go to objects align center in canvas
  • If the pattern you use has a slight tilt on your egg and glass layer go to image – free rotate all layers unchecked Setting: Right 5.00
  • Add noise guassian 70 monochrome checked or
  • Effects – edge enhance (Choose whichever you prefer)
  • D/S 2 2 90 .99 use a darker color from your egg – what I do is select a color then in the color palette I slide the color bar down for the darker color
  • Save a png and you are done.

Create to your hearts content – try different patterns or gradients, as well as your brushes as see what you come up with.

I made these Easter eggs for a CDO challenge in their Valentine Event; Which has led to this tutorial.
You are welcome to use them for PU only.
Please do not claim as your own.
Thank you, Marie.

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