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PTU Tutorial Winter Plum

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Winter Plum Tutorial

Tutorial Written on 12/21/2015 and any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Please do not claim it as your own.
All Rights retained to tutorial © Marie’s Designs

This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of PSP.
PSP X3 was used in the making of this tutorial but other versions should work.
Tutorial on my website Here
What we are making

This is a PTU Tutorial
Artist: Lysisange Tube: Antonina
Both are available at Tiny Turtle Designs
Kit available Here Tube available Here

Tutorial on my website Here

CT TTDA Alehandra Vanhek ~ Miranda

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¨*•.¸¨*• CT AD TTDA ¨*•.¸¨*•

Gorgeous new tube by © Alehandra Vanhek called Laura. This tube has 5 jacket colors: blue, lilac, red, gray and green 2 Short colors: pink or green and 4 hat colors: black, lilac, green, and brown.
This tube and 2 matching kits are available at Tiny Turtle Designs Here.
TTD matching Scrap Kit: Laura Available here.

Bella C Matching kit Gorgeous Winter with Laura is available here

✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• CT AD TTDA ✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•

Artist:  Alehandra Vanhek    Tube: Miranda

Gorgeous new tube,  Miranda, by  Alehandra Vanhek.  This tube comes with several layers (4 sweater colors, 3 colors for legwarmers, and 2 hat colors) , tube is available with or without hat. Tube also has a book, cup, and vapor all on separate layers for many combinations. I matched this tube with a kit from Tiny Turtle Designs: Teal Treasures.
Both are available at Tiny Turtle Designs.
Tube is available here
Scrap Kit is available here

CT AD TTDA Onawiss

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✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• CT AD TTDA ✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•

Beautiful winter tube called  Mily by Onawiss. Single layer tube with close-up. This tube comes in soft tones of pinks and blues. Tube is available here at Tiny Turtle Designs. Scrap kit used is Bella C’s Paris Winter it is also available at Tiny Turtle Designs, Second tag uses Amy Marie’s kit Winter Comfort; also available at TTD.

Mily by Onawiss Scrap Kit by Amy Marie

CT TTDA Alfadesire

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✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• CT AD TTDA ✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•

Artist: Alfadesire  Tube: New Bear
Available at Tiny Turtle Designs HERE.

Alfadesire tube: New Bear 
Scrap kit used by Scrappin’ with little old me: Joyeux Noel 
is also available at Tiny Turtle Designs Here 
This tube comes with 4 separate color layers and is for PU only.
Scrap kit used by DNS Scraps: Emo Xmas

CT TTDA Natalia NZ

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✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• Ct TTDA Artist: Natalia NZ Tube: Sneona ✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•

This is a gorgeous blue and silver winter tube by Natalia NZ. She is available at Tiny Turtle Designs.

 Available at Tiny Turtle Designs here.
Scrap Kit used for this tag is:  JoJo Snowflakes Kisses.
Second tag with same tube. Scrapkit used is by Pink Paradox ~ Soothing Snowflakes

✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• CT AD TTDA Chris Pastel✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•

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✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• CT AD TTDA ✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• Artist: Chris Pastel Scrap Kit: Tiny Turtle Designs Tube: Chris Pastel ~ Marianne with matching TTD Scrap Kit Afternoon Vintage. Tube comes in several layers with 3 different colors of hat and clothes with lace on a separate layer. Tube is available here. Scrap Kit is available here.  Kit comes with 118 elements and 36 papers in colors of teal, tan, and blue

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Scrap used is KISS14 Created by Dee's Sign Depot

She has fantastic scrap kits and offers original blog designs.
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