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PTU Tutorial A Pirate’s Life

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Dual CT For Digi Divas and AKPKC

Tube by ©Natalia NZ: Paramela     Kit by Ally Cat’s Purrfect Kit Creations: Ariel

Poser available here
Scrap Kit available here
All of Ally’s Kits are on sale at Digi Divas for $1 this month (May 2016)
Her other stores are listed at the end of this tutorial.

This tutorial was written by me (Marie’s Designs) on May 25, 2016 and is my own creation. I ®reserve all rights to tutorial. Please do not claim as your own. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. I used PSP X 3 to write this tutorial but it should work fine in other versions. This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP


C/P Copy Paste / ~ D/S Drop Shadow default setting: 3 -3 58 7.92 / bg: background/ S/F/D: Select All, Float, Defloat / E or el: Element / R: Resize / Unsharp mask Settings: 3 30 3 (Use after resizing if the image looks grainy or blurry

I try to write my tutorials as plain and clear as possible, but if I get you confused (and, if I do, I am sorry) you can always refer back to the image we are making for reference. Also, this is just a guideline (I write where I place the elements ) but, feel free to move them around, or add different elements. Have fun and experiment, it is the best way to learn new things.

What we are making

Filter’s used: 
 Ulead particle: available here
Mask: Mask 85 by Sophisticat Simone available here
Font: Pieces of Eight Available here
Word Art available here

  • New 800 X 800 We will resize at end of tutorial if you want a smaller tag
  • Flood Fill white – new layer
  • Selection tool – custom selection settings: Left -0 Right – 800 Top – 400 Bottom – 800
  • C/P paper 13 into selection – Invert selection
  • Copy PP 4 into selection – keep selected
  • Filter – Ulead Particle Cloud at default setting click random until you have a cloud formation that you like apply
  • Deselect
  • Mask 85 sophisticate simon merge group
  • Open Frames 2 and 14
  • C/P Frame 2 C/P frame 14
  • Frame 14 – Image free rotate all layers unchecked R Free: 45.00
  • with magic wand click inside the top frame (frame 14) expand 10
  • New Layer
  • C/P pp 15 move this layer below the first frame Toggle paper and frames layers together
  • Open tube image Duplicate close original image
  • On duplicated image R 25% all layers checked – Copy Tube
  • move tube down until here face is visible within the frame
  • Click inside of the bottom frame layer expand 30 on tube layer invert clear
  • Change blend mode to screen
  • C/P E 78 R 45% X 2 move to left of tube image C/P E 78 again this tine R 52% X 2 move to right of tube (you can choose another fish if you prefer it to this one)
  • C/P E 80 R 50% x 2 mirror move to bottom left of tube
  • Close white and mask layer merge visible – R 85%
  • Open mask layer – move merged frame layer up and to the right a little bit

Adding some more elements ~ elements are listed from bottom up

  • C/P E 7 Free rotate Left 45.00 all layers unchecked move to bottom of frame
  • C/P E 68 Move layer behind frame layer move up a bit
  • C/P E 69 place over and down of E 68 move this layer to top
  • C/P E 56 R 68% move to center part of wave
  • C/P E 32 R 68%
  • C/P E 36 move toward bottom
  • C/P E 96 R 72% move to right mirror
  • C/P E 12 R 68% X 2 Move to upper left
  • C/P E 6 R 50% move to top over moon and frame
  • C/P E 42 R 72%
  • E 95 Move to left duplicate mirror
  • C/P E 72 R 72% X 2 move in front of stone tower
  • C/P E 41 R 58%
  • C/P E 28 R 50% mirror move by chest
  • C/P E 99 R 50% duplicate move both in front of chest one to the right and one to the left
  • move the duplicated / mirrored sand layer above this layer
  • C/ P E 25 R 58% duplicate mirror move mirrored image behind stone tower
  • C/P E 58 R 58% X 2
  • C/P tube R 58% mirror
  • C/P E 31 R 50% move to rt side of chest
  • C/P E 35 R 58% move to rt of chest in front of the bottle
  • C/P E 8 R 50% X 3
  • C/P E 10 R 50% x 2 duplicate place one behind the shell we just placed and the other one behind the rock to the right
  • If you are using my word art place it now – there are 3 different sizes I used the small word art on the bottom left of image.

Done except for adding copyright info and name(s)
I used font Pices of Eight size 72 color: #229782/#b6f024 foreground/ background gradient linear A 45 R 1
Save as PNG and you are finished

I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial, Marie

Ally sells at these stores:
Artistic Dreams Imaging Berry Applicious
Digi Divas Digi Foxs Studio
Digi Graphic Designs  

✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• Dual CT Ally Cat: Kit Jenny Genie / TTDA Sophie Villette ✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•

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Artist: ©Sophie Villette     Tube Sasha Available Here

This gorgeous single layer tube by ©Sophie Villette is very versatile and will work with almost any style of tag; as you can see in my tags.

I paired this with a scrap kit by Ally’s Kat’s Purrfect Kit Creations Jenny Genie
This is such a versatile kit you are going to love it. It has a bad attitude as well as a softer side. This ia a big scrap kit and you can’t go wrong with it.
Thgere are 91 PNG elements, 10 papers and 8 frames.

Artist:©Sophie Villette DesignerAlly Cat: Jenny Genie
Available Here Stores listed below

Ally Cats Purrfect Kit Creations Sells at these Stores
Artistic Dreams Imaging Berry Applicious  
Digi Divas Digi Foxs Studio
Digi Graphic Designs    

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~~~~ CT Ad for Ally cats Purrfect Creation Kits ~~~~

Gorgeous kit full of bright colored flowers, dragons, fairies, and more.
This kit consists of 107 png elements, 8 papers and 11 frames.
This kit is for PU only and is not to be shared.
I paired this kit with the tube Fairy by &copyVery Many, and Silver Misty by &copyZlata_M.
Both of these tubes are available at their stores. You can’t use these tubes without a license.

Ally Cat Fantasy Realm
Ally sells at these stores:

Artistic Dreams Imaging

Berry Applicious

Digi Divas     (Closed at this time)

Digi Foxs Studio

Digi Graphic Designs

CT Ally Cat Purrfect Creations Kit

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❥•.¸¸.•*´New Ct Ad for Ally Cats’ Purrfect Creations`*•.¸¸.•❥

Scrap Kit: Gothic Romance: This gothic / romance themed kit contains 157 .png formatted elements, 20 papers & 13 frames. I paired this kit with a gorgeous tube by Alex Prihodko and Vadis. Both tubes are available at PFD.

Ally sells at these stores:
Artistic Dreams Imaging Berry Applicious
Digi Divas     (Closed at this time) Digi Foxs Studio
Digi Graphic Designs  

Scrap used is KISS14 Created by Dee's Sign Depot

She has fantastic scrap kits and offers original blog designs.
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