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Very Many CT Contest

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On Facebook Very Many was having a CT Call – Though my entries didn’t win I am grateful to have been a part of it.
My creative juices have been lagging these past months but this contest has caused a stirring of my mojo.

These were my entries
Kit used for this tag: Forest Fairy.
Designer: Pink Paradox Productions
I used Telling Stories designed by
Dee’s Sign Depot for this tag
I used The Werks designed by
Dee’s Sign Depot for this tag
Kit used for this tag: Coffee Love.
Designed by Pink Paradox Productions

©Alfadesire Tube: Goth Nurse

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❥•.¸¸.•*´ Ct for Tiny Turtle Designs Artist ©Alfadesire`*•.¸¸.•❥

Artist: ©Alfadesire Tube: Goth Nurse

This awesome goth tube comes with
7 Color Layers, Syringe on separate layer and 2 Lip Colors
Tube is available here
I paired this tube with a kit designed by by Tiny Turtle Designs: Darkest Night
and a kit designed by Pink Paradox Productions: Zombie Nurse Which is available in her store

I used Darkest Night designed by by Tiny Turtle Designs: Darkest Night for this tag.

Scrap Kit Darkest Night is Available Here

I used Zombie Nurse designed by Pink Paradox Productions for this tag. This kit is available at her store

My Facebook Fan Page

Tiny Turtle Designs blog is Here

New Tutorial Blue Ocean

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This is an updated tutorial of one I wrote in 2004. My original tutorial is here Rewrite: July 21, 2016.
This tutorial is entirely of my own making, any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

NEW PTU Tutorial – (you can use any kit you want if you do not want to purchase the one I used; same for tube) . I used Tropical Siren By Pink Paradox Productions and Blue Ocean by © Alehandra Vanhek. This tube is an exclusive tube at PFD. You can not use this same tube without the proper license and purchasing of product.
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies / Filters needed
Artistic – Underpainting Available Here
Xero Filter – Fritillary and Porcelain Available Here
Eye candy 5 Impact: Glass and Gradient glow Available Here
Glow Settings Here
Crescent Moon – Spooky Fade Available Here
Super Blade Pro here. Sanco Knotty Gold setting here Unzip and add to SBP enviroment and texture folder
Font: ManicSea Available Here
Mask MD-mask3-4. Right click and save as Open in PSP to use or and to your masks folder

I try to write my tutorials as plain and clear as possible, but if I get you confused (and, if I do, I am sorry) you can always refer back to the image we are making for reference. Also, this is just a guideline (I write where I place the elements ) but, feel free to move them around, or add different elements. Have fun and experiment, it is the best way to learn new things.


C/P = Copy Paste / D/S = Drop Shadow default settings: 3 -3 58 7.92
bg: background, / S/F/D: Select All, Float, Defloat / E or el: Element
R: Resize / Unsharp mask Settings: 3 30 3 (Use after resizing if the image looks grainy or blurry )

Blue Ocean Tutorial Instructions

  • New 800 X 800
  • View Grid selected
  • With selection tool – rounded rectangle Mode: Add Shift Feather 0 anti-alias checked
  • start 2 grids over and 3 grids down draw shape 2 grid wide down to bottom is 3 places up – continue this 4 more times each time dropping down and coming up by 1 grid – on the fifthonly choose grid of 1 width. Please see screen shot for reference
  • Flood Fill With your gradient – Deselect
  • Duplicate – mirror – merge down
  • Apply Filter – Artistic: Underpainting with these settings: 4 / 9 / Burlap / 87% / 2 / Light Direction: top left / invert unchecked
  • Apply Filter Xero – fritillary default setting
  • Apply Filter Crescent Moon – spooky fade with these settings : red 42 / Green – 194 / blue 255 / transparency 3
  • Select All
  • New layer – name layer image
  • C/P pp 14 into selection change blend mode to Multiply
  • New layer name glass layer Apply EC 5 Impact – Glass (or a glass setting from a different version of EC) Settings – Bevel width: 25 / Bevel smoothness 30 / round selection: 0 / Bevel Placement – inside / glass color: white / 0 , 20 , 37, 75, 75, 15.00 , 29
  • Keeping select contract 2 New layer – frame layer Invert float defloat FF with white. I applied SBP sanco knotty gold filter then sharpen- if you don’t have SBP then flood fill with a light tan color add noise sharpen
  • Now deselect
  • merge Visible
  • go to bottom layer ff white
  • New Layer Select all C/P pp 14 into selection deselect
  • Apply Mask: MD-mask3-4 merge group
  • Back to top layer

Adding Elements

  • C/P E 141 R 80%
  • C/P E 119 R 75% move to left duplicate mirror flip
  • C/P E 116 R 75% Move to bottom of image and above the mask layer
  • Back on top layer
  • C/P e 81 R 50% duplicate R 1 another 50% and the other one 62% Place the larger one toward bottom right – and the smaller one toward the back a little on the right size
  • C/P tube – (I used Blue Ocean available at PFD) if using this tube R 50% place in center of canvas
  • Duplicate tube Blur – Guassian blur -5 Apply Xero – Porcelain default setting changing blue to 0 change blend mode to screen or whatever you think looks best with your tube
  • Move the red coral on the right above the tube layer
  • C/P El 10 R 50X 2 move above the larger red coral – duplicate mirror resize another 80% place above other piece of red coral
  • C/P E 9 R 58% X 2 place at top right
  • C/P E 20 R 58% X 2 place at bottom right
  • C/P E 7 R 52% Duplicate R 1 52% move to upper rt. Duplicated seahorse R 68% mirror move to bottom left
  • C/P E 23 R 48% move to left
  • C/P El 22 R 48% mirror move to right
  • Resize now if you want a smaller tag – after resizing add your copyright at License information
  • Save as pspimage if you want a copy to add more names to
  • Add your name I used ManicSea sz 72 (60 for longer names) applied an inner bevel, a tiny double gg and a D/s. Colors F: #003282 / B: #bffefb gradient a 45 r 1 .
  • Inner Bevel Settings: Bevel 2 Width 5 20 , 2, 50, 10 color: white Angle: 315 Intensity: 50 Elevation 20
  • EC 5 Impact GG tiny double settings by vaybs used same colors as text lighter blue first, white, then the darked blue
  • D/S settings: 3, -3, 84, 0.00
  • Save as png and you are done

Thank you for trying my tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed it and maybe learned a few new things. I would love to see your results

CT TTDA ©Natalia NZ ~ Santaria

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✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•CT Tiny Turtle Designs Artists✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•

© Natalia NZ: Santaria
Available Here
Scrap Kit by Tiny Turtle Designs
Available Here
Santaria is a gorgeous poser by ©Natalia NZ.
This tube has a great bohemian feel with a bit of a Native American flair.
1 PSD file
1 poser tube
character separate from background
Size 5000 pix height
      I paired this tube with a kit designed by Tiny Turtle Designs – Greek Summer. Greek Summer is a PU kit only. Color scheme of peaches, browns, and turquoise.
Kit has 157 elements and 35 papers.
Available here

I also used a kit by Pink Paradox Productions.

My Facebook Fan page

Ct TTDA Lysisange

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✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• CT Ad for Tiny Turtle Designs Artist ✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•

Gorgeous new tube from ©Lysisange called Stud Farm now available at Tiny Turtle Designs here.
This tube comes with 9 different dress colors and flower crown on seperate layer. This is PU tube only. Please do not share.

I paired this tube with a scrap kit from Pink Paradox productions and a kit by Tiny Turtle Designs called Spring Bright. This kit is available at Tiny Turtle Designs Here

Artist: ©Lysisange Scrap Kit: TTD Spring Bright
Lysisiange Stud farm
Available Here Available Here

CT TTDA ©Selisan Al-Gaib Pathy

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✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• CT AD Tiny Turtle Designs Artists ✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•

Artist: ©Selisan Al-Gaib     Tube: Pathy
Brand new Personal Use tube from ©Selisan Al-Gaib.
This tube has 3 layers and is perfect for any of your St. Patty Days tag.
Tube is available at Tiny Turtle Designs here

I used a scrap Kit by Pink Paradox Productions called A Wee Bit Irish
The other Scrap Kit I used is by Tiny Turtle Designs called Rainbow Bubbles and is available here

The template I used on the second is available at Dangerously Delicious Designs here

Artist: ©Selisan Al-Gaib     Tube: Pathy Tiny Turtle Designs: Rainbow Bubbles
Available Here Available Here

The above template I used is available at Dangerously Delicious Designs here

CT TTDA Natalia NZ

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✿¨*•.¸✿¨*• Ct TTDA Artist: Natalia NZ Tube: Sneona ✿¨*•.¸✿¨*•

This is a gorgeous blue and silver winter tube by Natalia NZ. She is available at Tiny Turtle Designs.

 Available at Tiny Turtle Designs here.
Scrap Kit used for this tag is:  JoJo Snowflakes Kisses.
Second tag with same tube. Scrapkit used is by Pink Paradox ~ Soothing Snowflakes

Scrap used is KISS14 Created by Dee's Sign Depot

She has fantastic scrap kits and offers original blog designs.
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