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DDesigns Love Story

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❥•.¸¸.•*´ Ct for Diamond Designs`*•.¸¸.•❥

          Diamonds Designs – Love Story Great all around kit – perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Vintage tags, and so much more . Main colors are pink, aqua, and cream. PU kit with 80 Elements and 9 papers. I paired this kit with tube by ©VeryMany and ©Fiodorova Maria. These tubes are available at at Very Many Tubes ( and PFD ( You can not use these same tubes without purchase and proper licensing info.

Diamonds Designs sells at these stores:
Daelmans Designs
Digi Divas
Designer Scraps
Low Budget Scrapping

Digi Divas CT PTU Tutorial

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PTU tutorial Written by me (Marie’s Designs) on 01/15/2016

This tutorial was written by me. any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. 
Please do not claim it as your own. All Rights retained to tutorial © Marie’s Designs 

Tube: Artist   KiwiBG   Tube: Valentine  – Erika  


This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of PSP.  I used PSP X3 but this tutorial should work with other versions of PSP.

Plug In Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow
Legend: D/S Drop Shadow unless otherwise stated use these settings:  -6, 6, 62, 6.93 Black
C/P : Copy Paste  E: Element

For Love of Kiwi Forum Set

New 650 X 250 – Select All
C/P pp 25 as new layer –  crop to selection
Select all C/P tube Valentine – Erika by KiwiBG  Move tube down until the face shows, make sure the eyes are toward the top of the canvas.  Crop to selection.  Duplicate image-  mirror.  Change blend mode to multiply.  On the right image change blend mode to soft light.

E 98 C/P as new layer. Move down until the eyes of the tubes can be seen.
E 125 C/P Resize 72% Adjust > Sharpness >Sharpen D/S
E 62 C/P resize 54% Adjust > Sharpness > Unsharp Mask Settings: 3 30 3 D/S Move element to lower left corner. Move down until the top of heart is showing. Refer to tag for reference, if needed.
E 8 C/P resize 54% move to bottom left D/S with these settings:  -6 , 6 (You may use one of the other animals offered in the scrap kit, as per your preference.
E  17 C/P resize by 34% then resize by 42% add D/S move to lower left in front of cat.
C/P tube resize 54% then resize 72% place center and move a little to the right D/S
E 26 C/P resize 54% X2  D/S move to lower left duplicate mirror
E 97 Resize 52%  then resize 58%  Free rotate all layers unchecked L  35.00 D/S
Move to right place below rose layer but high enough up that you can still see the word love.
Layers  New raster layer. Flood fill with #1d1d1d. Select All contract by 10 delete
New layer Select all contract by 3 Flood fill with DEAF4C contract by 3 again and delete On same layer Adjust > add /remove noise >  add noise 52% monochrome checked gaussian 
Add your copyright and license info.
I used the font Fiolex Girls Sz 72 colors same as border with the gray being foreground and the golden color as background. Select all cantract one. Add noise 52, monochrome and guassian checked. Add inner bevel with these settings:
Add EC 5 Impact gradient glow tiny double : color #f1e6d0,  #FFFFFF, #770c13
 D/s:  -1, 1, 100,1 black
Export as PNG or jpg
For avatar New 150 X 250 select all
On image we just made, close out the border and copyright layers. Copy merged
Back on avatar C/P  crop to selection.  Border same instructions as previous image except change to contract to 6 and 2 Add copyright and license info. I cheat and copy and paste name and just resize (No more than 75% though or it is grainy, even with unsharp mask. For this one I resized 82%). But, do it how you like.

We are done. I hope that you liked this tutorial and thank you for trying it.

Scrap used is KISS14 Created by Dee's Sign Depot

She has fantastic scrap kits and offers original blog designs.
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